Subject to change if covid restrictions are lifted. CADET DRESS: Tour or collared shirts, FTUs if issued OFFICER DRESS: Cadpat/olive drab DUTY OFFICER: Captain Stuart 1845 to 1900 Login activities (log on NLT 1900) 1900 to 1930 Period […]
The following forms are required for completion for returning to training: COVID-19 TRAINING: INITIAL TRAINING INTERVIEW: CADET FITNESS ASSESSMENT (to be completed before November 1st): PASSPORT TO RETURN TO TRAINING: ADDITIONAL FORM FOR SENIOR […]
MS Teams is now working. If you log into Zoom, as per previous direction, you will be redirected to MS Teams. Captain Stuart COVID-19 TRAINING:
Great News! AIr Cadets will now be issued Field Training Uniforms (FTU) in addition to their Dress Elelental Uniforms (DEU). Cadets new to the squadron will need to receive their initial issue (entire uniform) while cadets who already […]
First night back to Junior Ground School is Monday Sept 22 at 1830 hrs. Junior Ground School is open to all cadets who are either new to the squadron or who are new to aviation and are looking […]
I hope that your summer was restful and that you and your families were able to take advantage of the beautiful, albeit hot summer. Our first night back will be for returning cadets only. We will begin receiving […]
Cadet365¬†will help Cadets and Staff work and collaborate with colleagues remotely, including chat and video conferencing. In order to get set up with Cadet365, each cadet will need their own email address. Cadets cannot use their parents’ email […]
Squadron cadets enrolled in high school Co-Operative Education Cadet Program can earn co-op credits through cadet training activities and fulfilling additional co-op program requirements. This is a great way to earn extra high school credits while increasing your […]