Dear, Cadets, Families, and Staff Members of 121 Red Arrows. We trust that you are all taking precautions during this unprecedented time in our lives and that you remain well.  Due to your timely reporting and precautions, we […]
Air Cadet League Lottery is ON! Early Bird Prize $5,000 Entries close out on April 30, 2021 at 10:00am EST.The final draw will be held at 11:00am Enter by April 1, 10am for a Chance to Win $5,000 […]
The March 50/50 draw is coming up soon. Winning number will be selected on March 25th @ 3:00 pm  Right now, the jackpot is at $1,265. Make sure to use this link below, so that 121 is recognized for […]
This year the lottery is 100% fully online. Tickets can be purchased here The ticket price is $10 $70,000 in cash prizes, including a $5,000 early bird prize·          Early bird draw date: April 1st @ 11:00 am (Tickets must be purchased […]
Take a few minutes to review the various OPC awards and recognitions which are available. If you wish no apply or to nominate a cadets, please take a few moments to review the options.


We are returning to training for the 2021 year, remaining in a virtual environment until the end of January.  The Training Schedule has been posted on MS Teams, General. The first night back will be on January 5th, […]
WIN BIG! With the 2020-21, 50/50 raffle supporting Air Cadets.We are excited to announce the 2021 province-wide 50/50 raffle.Here are the details:The 50/50 draws will be held monthly from January – June. The draws will be held at […]
The rising numbers of reported Covid-19 cases in our Southwestern Ontario Area have reached the threshold for mandatory cessation of all in-person training. This includes both mandatory and optional activities. Many officers and senior cadets worked very hard […]