Welcome To Training!

Training Officer: Lt Fleming

Our doors are always open. The training department is the glue that holds the unit together. We are responsible for roughly 80% of the overall training and activities in which you participate. We deliver the training plan, plan and execute all Field Training Exercises, and conduct all extra-curricular activities.

If you are an instructor, please ensure you direct all questions regarding your classes to your level officer and he/she will direct you accordingly.

If you have any general questions about training, upcoming events, etc. and cannot find the answers on this website, please direct your questions to your flight staff who will in turn, using the chain of command, get those questions answered on your behalf and report back to you.

Should you have any questions regarding camps, please see Lt Honey, Major Miller.

Training Department

 Training Officer Lt Fleming
 Level 1 Officer OCdt Forster
 Level 2 Officer Lt Kubinec
 Level 3 Officer OCdt McRae
 Level 4 Officer CI MacLellan
 Level 5 Officer Lt M Laing