On Monday evening we had a Webinar for Parents and Guardians with Dr. Kristen McLeod, a youth psychologist in Guelph.

Dr. McLeod explained some of the mental health issues that are happening due to the COVID pandemic and ways we could help both ourselves and our Cadets through these. She also ran a Question and Answer session for topics that people wanted to talk about.

At the end of the Webinar, Dr. McLeod provided some documents and links to various resource that she has been providing to parents and her teen clients during this period. They are American resources, but straightforward and from a very trusted site.  She felt that they may be helpful to Parents/Guardians and their Cadets.

These documents are attached below as well as a link to Dr. McLeod’s clinical practice if you would like to seek further information.

There are also are two websites to which Dr. McLeod frequently refer folks who are seeking more information.

One is www.anxietycanada.com.  They have a video series of Zoom chats focused on anxiety related to Covid which are quite good as well as articles related to managing the uncertainty of Covid.
She also recommends www.childmind.org which is a great website for resources.

Dr. Kristen McLeod

I hope these are helpful to you and your family during this time.

We are planning on holding another Webinar with Dr. McLeod later in the summer and I will post information about this when we have arranged a day and time.

Coping in Hard Times – Youth

Coping in Hard Times – Parents

Taking Care of Yourself

Nick Whelan
121 Squadron Sponsorship Committee


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