CATO 51-01 Annex B

Knowing that not all cadets will join as soon as they turn 12 or at the beginning of the training year in September, an accelerated training program may be authorized by the squadron Cadet Commanding Officer.

For a cadet to be deemed to have completed a training level in a given year, the cadet must be enrolled no later than 31 January of that training year. For example, if a cadet enrolls 31 January 2012, he will be deemed to have completed proficiency level one by June 2012 if additional opportunities to make up the missing training have been provided throughout the remainder of the training year.

Any cadet who joins after 31 January may participate in sqn activities (including the proficiency level program) but will be deemed to have started proficiency level one only at the beginning of the next training year starting in September and level one will be completed in the following June (unless the next paragraph applies); and

A cadet joining before November 1st and turning 14 before February 1st may be authorized by the sqn CO to follow an accelerated training program in which proficiency levels one and two are combined, provided that an accelerated program is available at the sqn. Each case must be treated individually and a precise evaluation of the cadet’s capabilities to follow an accelerated training program shall be determined by the sqn CO.

Other proficiency levels cannot be combined.

A cadet joining at age 13 or older, between February 1st and November 1st of the next training year, and turning 14 or older before February 1st of the next training year may also be authorized by the sqn CO to follow an accelerate training program in which proficiency levels one and two are combined, provided that an accelerated program is available at the sqn.


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