New Tunics – Shoulder Flashes

Cadets who have received a new tunic can now drop them off at K Cleaners and Tailor Shop to have the shoulder flashes sewn on at no cost.

Download the required form for more information from the Miscellaneous Forms section.

Note: There are 2 locations for K Cleaners, but you must only attend the following location near Zehrs:

K Cleaners and Tailor Shop

160 Kortright Rd W, Unit 4
Guelph, ON

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121 Red Arrows Squadron Senior Aviation Trip


WHAT: As part of your mandatory training program, Level 3-4 cadets will be touring the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology & Engineering. (Level 5+ cadets are also invited, but participation is only mandatory for Levels 3-4.) This is a great opportunity that very few cadets get to experience. In addition, we will be visiting the CFB Borden Museum and CANEX.

WHEN: Wednesday 18 March (during the school break). Timings: 0700-1700hrs.

WHERE: Parental drop-off/pick-up at the Armoury. Cadets/staff will be transported by bus to CFB Borden.

DRESS: C-2 (winter dress, shirt/ties).

MEALS: Box lunches will be provided. Please eat breakfast before you come.

OTHER NOTES: Health cards are required. Buses will depart the Armoury at 0705 sharp! The visit to the CANEX is to allow cadets to do some military kit shopping; it is not a training requirement. If you cannot attend, please indicate this through the online sign-up or by speaking to OCdt Fleming or Capt Stuart directly so you can receive an alternative training package.


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121 Red Arrows RCACS Staff, Cadets and Families

In light of some new security concerns from the leadership at the 11th Field Regiment, we will be implementing some immediate changes to staff, cadet and parental access to the armoury.

The only persons permitted to use the side door will be those officers with the key to unlock it.  Cadets and other staff will be admitted ONLY through the FRONT door.  This streamlines access to the drill hall and stairwells.

A cadet Duty Officer will be present, from 1815-2200hrs, or for the duration of the event, at the front door to control access to the building.

Parents are asked to wait in their vehicles when they pick up their cadets at the end of the evening. This is a change for many who come in to the armoury to hear announcements. Please ensure your cadet has a small notepad and a pen/pencil so they can take notes.

Parking is very limited. You are asked to never park along the concrete wall as those spots are reserved for members of the 11th Field Regiment. They are often in the building while we are training and are often frustrated to find cars parked in their reserved spots

Parents who need to enter the armoury when no unreserved parking is available are asked to park in the extended parking area should the gate be unlocked. In the event that the gate is locked, parents are asked to use the municipal parking area between Surrey St E and Fountain St E. Please do not park in areas used by local business such as the fast food restaurants between Wellington and Surrey.

Please note that all announcements are posted on the squadron website and officers can be reached via email throughout the week. All cadets are expected to be using Slack to communicate with their chain of command. They are also expected to check the website for information on a regular basis.

Captain Craig Miller

Deputy Commanding Officer

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Winter Sports Night: Tubing at Chicopee Tube Park

Wednesday 26 Feb: 1800 to 2100hrs

On February 26th, 2020 – 121 will be having a sports night at Chicopee Tube Park located in Kitchener, ON! This will be a Wednesday evening, and cadets are encouraged to carpool to get to Chicopee.

All cadets are eligible to attend this fun activity, please sign up here to confirm your intent to participate and indicate also if your parent would be willing to drive other cadets.

Cadets are required to be dropped off at Chicopee Tube Park for 1800hrs, and must be picked up by 2115hrs from Chicopee Tube Park.  Cadets must have their Health Cards and be dressed for a cold winter evening outside (snowpants/snowjacket/ winter boots/ toque/ gloves is a requirement- absolutely no jeans). Cadets that are dressed inappropriately will be immediately sent home. Cadets that are 12 must bring a CSA approved helmet with them in order to go tubing. If you do not have a helmet we can rent one for you.

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Summer Training Update

The following dates are posted for GT and Basic courses (discounting travel days):

General Trng – 429001e – 20-08-03 to 08-07

Basic Fitness – 349202b – 20-07-27 to 08-14

Basic Aviation – 428502b – 20-07-27 to 08-14

Basic Av & Tec – 428602b – 20-07-27 to 08-14

Basic Surv – 348702b – 20-07-27 to 08-14

Basic Music – 349112b – 20-07-27 to 08-14

There may be more serials available for these Regional Courses as time elapses.

Parents and cadets must be flexible should a course be offered that does not fall in the above notes times.

Other serials for GT will have their dates posted should they become available.

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Guelph Storm Playoff 50/50 – Playoffs 2020

The squadron would like to thank the parents that volunteered at the last Guelph Storm hockey game.
The weather wasn’t on our side, but we still raised $3,177 as our half of the nights 50/50.

Our next 50/50 opportunity will hopefully be the first round of the playoffs.

Though we don’t have those dates yet, we do have a general frame.

If the Storm start at home, we would be expecting the playoff game to be between March 25-28.

If the Storm start on the road, we would expect the playoff game to be between March 29-31.

Unfortunately we will probably not know the date that we have been assigned until a few days prior to the actual game.

The squadron is hoping for a minimum of 10 parents to come and help sell the 50/50 tickets. This is a great opportunity to give back to the squadron, as well as enjoy a playoff hockey game. A playoff game can be a substantially better jackpot, especially with a larger group of ticket sellers.

Please let us know if you can be available.

You can contact the SSC at :

Tim Park –

Rob Brown –

SSC general inquiries –

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Regional Summer Training Application Deadline

Regional Summer Training applications are due back on 18 Feb. Please see Summer Training page for more information. Level 1 & 2 Cadets you are strongly encouraged to wait until then and after you have had your briefing on Tuesday night to hand in your applications as there have been changes to 2 week General Training Courses (now 1 week), and some 3 week courses. Some changes are in store for Summer 2020, once we have confirmed details more information will be provided.

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The Tri-Force Senior NCM Mess Dinner will be held on Sat 22 Feb 2020 at Br 234 Royal Canadian Legion. Expect the price to be approximately $15. Between the cadets and staff, we are predicting around the 70 to be in attendance. Please indicate whether you will be attending of not.

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