121 Staff

Commanding Officer: Maj. S. Harwood- email – co@121redarrows.ca

Deputy Commanding Officer: Capt. C. Miller – email – dco@121redarrows.ca

Administration Officer: Capt C. Higgins – email – admino@121redarrows.ca

Supply Officer: 2Lt G. McCleary – email – supply@121redarrows.ca

Training Officer: Capt L. Higgins – email – trgo@121redarrows.ca

 121 Staff Assignments

 level1Level One Staff: 2Lt Laing & CV Yates


level2Level Two Staff: CV Codeluppi & Capt Pegelo


level3Level Three Staff: Lt Kubinec & CV Fleming


level4Level Four Staff: CI Yash Badlani


level5Level Five Staff: Capt Elloway


Pipes and Drums Officer: Capt. Miller

Ground School Officer: Capt. Elloway

Effective Speaking and Debate Officer: Maj Harwood

Range Team Officer: Capt C. Higgins

Drill Team Officer: Capt L. Higgins

Biathlon Team Coach: Capt C. Higgins, CV Fleming

Unit Conflict Management Advisor (UCCMA): 2Lt. G. McCleary