Cadets have you checked your 365 email? CAP 1 and 2 joining information was sent out.Remember this is your email.Cadets, you have to take responsibility for your messages! This is how communications take place within cadets.
121 RED ARROWS ROYAL CANADIAN AIR CADET SQUADRON IS NOW ON SUMMER STAND DOWN Training for the year is done! The Annual Ceremonial Review is behind us and we have had our promotions and awards night and the […]


UCDSB is once again offering the Summer Cadet Co-op program where cadets who are attending CTC course in Ontario will be able to earn up to 2 high school credits! Please note- cadets attending CAP, or CTC out […]
Attention all Cadets: Regional Cadet Support Unit (Central)  is requiring the date of all second doses be validated in Fortress as soon as possible. This information is needed for all Summer Training, activities such as Marksmanship and Biathlon […]
Have you ever wanted to know how to play the bag pipes or make a drum sound Scottish? Then 121 Red Arrows Pipe and Drum band is just the place for you. Free instruction from the basics of […]
The following forms are required for completion for returning to training: COVID-19 TRAINING: INITIAL TRAINING INTERVIEW: CADET FITNESS ASSESSMENT (to be completed before November 1st): PASSPORT TO RETURN TO TRAINING: ADDITIONAL FORM FOR SENIOR […]
Great News! AIr Cadets will now be issued Field Training Uniforms (FTU) in addition to their Dress Elemental Uniforms (DEU). Cadets new to the squadron will need to receive their initial issue (entire uniform) while cadets who already […]
Cadet365 will help Cadets and Staff work and collaborate with colleagues remotely, including chat and video conferencing. In order to get set up with Cadet365, each cadet will need their own email address. Cadets cannot use their parents’ email […]