To enhance physical fitness through participation in the sport of biathlon and the Cadet Biathlon Program.


Biathlon is a winter sport, which combines competitive,  cross-country skate skiing and marksmanship. 121’S Biathlon Team trains from late September- Early February.

Training consists of strength and cardiovascular conditioning through static and dynamic exercises, running, and combining it with marksmanship training.

In the Cadet Biathlon competition the biathlete will ski a distance of no less than 4.5 kilometres, stopping twice at a range to shoot.  The shooting distance is always 10 metres, and five pellets are fired in each bout at five targets.  Cadets shoot with Air Rifles in the Prone position at the Zone Competition.

At the Regional Competition cadets will use .22 Rifles, and will shoot in both Prone & Standing position.


Qualifications Awarded

The Cadet Biathlon Championship Series Pins are awarded when a member competes in the various levels of competition.

Regional/ Provincial