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121 Red Arrows Squadron is always looking for new recruits. 

Air cadets has a lot to offer.  Weekly meetings that include training in aviation, leadership, citizenship, outdoor survival, drill, marksmanship, and sports.  Weekend trips through out the year that include camping and a citizenship trip, and excellent summer camps.

Requirements for joining:

  • Be between 12 to 18 years of age
  • Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Resident (PR)
  • Interested in joining
  • Parental / guardian permission

Required documentation:

  • Proof of age/ legal status:
    • a valid Canadian passport;
    • a birth certificate issued by a Canadian provincial, territorial or federal government agency;
    • any card, visa or permit (work, study, resident, etc.) (with photo) issued by the Canadian government which legally authorizes the person to reside in Canada for an extended period of time; or
    • any identification card (with or without photo) issued by a Canadian provincial, territorial or federal government agency. No certificates of live birth please.
  • Proof of health insurance: Provincial health insurance card (OHIP) or private insurance (ie. Blue Cross) card.

Please bring photocopies & have the original documents with you when you sign-up to join.

Other potential required documentation:

If applicable, please bring the following:

Limitations, obligations and conditions. If applicable, a copy of the relevant section any court, tribunal decree or judgement imposing restrictions, obligations and/or conditions on the cadet. (e.g. not to handle certain objects, not be near certain individuals, imposed a curfew)

Access Rights to the applicant (cadet). If applicable, a copy of the relevant section of any court decree, judgement or separation agreement defining the legal guardian access rights.

Registration Fee 2019-2020 Year: $60, payable via cheque or cash only- due on the first training day.

If paying via cheque please make it payable to “121 Red Arrows Squadron SSC”. Include cadet first and last name in the note part of the cheque.

Additional information:

Please visit to read through additional information.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the registration process.