summer training

All cadets have the opportunity to attend summer training both in person and online.

Training is broken into several categories: 

  1. Cadet Activity Program (CAP) LEVELS 1 & 2
  2. Cadet Training Centre (CTC) LEVELS 3&4
  3. Summer Digital Learning Centre Courses (Online) LEVELS 3&4
  4. International Exchange LEVEL 4+
  5. Glider and Power Flying Courses LEVEL 4+
  6. Employment
    1. Must be 16 years of age prior to serial start date; and
    2. Must be year 4 qualified

A full list of the summer training opportunities, that were offered during 2023, can be found here Summer Training 2023 

When registration opens for 2024, later this training year, forms will be posted here and on Teams. Summer training is age and training level specific so please be sure to complete the appropriate form when applying for summer training