The Flag Party is a small squad within the squadron that has the ceremonial task of presenting the flags. They carry three flags, the Canadian Flag, the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Ensign, and the Squadron Banner; while the rear guards carry Lee Enfield rifles. The rifles used by the guards are Lee Enfield 303 caliber which have been converted to 22 caliber and decommissioned.

Cadets who form the flag party are chosen for their competence in drill and discipline along with dress and deportment. They practice advanced marching and stationary drill as well as flag and rifle drill. The flag party is a great opportunity for cadets willing to put in the extra effort to be part of this elite squad.

The flag party practices one additional evening each week in order to improve their drill. Cadets who are interested in flag party can try out at the beginning of each training year. For more information contact the Flag Party Commander or 2IC or your Level Officer.