2017 – 2018 Guelph Storm Tickets

121 Red Arrows

Guelph Storm Tickets

The 121 Red Arrows Air Cadet squadron is once again selling tickets for select Guelph Storm home hockey games.  These tickets sell for $28.00 are available for only $18.00 per ticket or $17.00 per ticket if you purchase 3 or more.  Tickets are available for the following home games:

Friday Feb 9, 2018 vs Saginaw Spirit


To reserve your tickets email to timpark@wightman.ca or text to 519-546-6116.

Upcoming Events





13-14 Jan – PPS&GPS Candidates – Flying Qualification Exam

19-21 Jan – Biathlon – Regional Biathlon Competition at Highlands Nordic


9-11 Feb – Biathlon – Provincial Competition

10 Feb – Applicants Only – National Course Interviews

17 Feb – Full Squadron –  Red Arrows Winter Games (RAWG) CUP

24 Feb – Level 3-5  – Senior Aviation Trip to WestJet and Pearson Airport



We will be ordering your new uniform shortly but require some information from you first. Please download the pdf file in this post and fill it out. Once completed, hand it to 2Lt McCleary (our Supply Officer) or 2Lt Laing (Your Level 1/Recruit Officer) on Tuesday evening.

The comfort and fit of your uniform depend on accurate sizing. The following instructions are designed to help you obtain precise body measurements that will be used by our Supply Office to issue your initial uniform parts. It is important that you have your measurements taken by another person to ensure accurate measurement.




Email Communication List

In a continued effort to increase communication between the Officer Staff, the Squadron Sponsorship Committee, cadets and their families we are collecting contact information from those who wish to receive email from the Sponsorship Committee and the Officers. Your contact information will not be distributed beyond our staff and the Sponsorship Committee. Should you wish to be added to our list please fill in the information found below. If at any time you wish to be removed from the list, simply resubmit this form with the remove option highlighted.

Please click this link in order to leave us your contact information

121 Red Arrows Squadron Cadet Code of Conduct

Cadets and Parents,

Please download and read the Cadet Code of Conduct. This is the same Code of Conduct signed by cadets earlier this year. This post serves only as a reminder to our current cadets and as information for parents and family members of the Code by which the Canadian Cadet Organisation operates.

Cadets and Parents – Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to talk with any of our staff.

121 Red Arrows Cadet Code of Conduct 2017