Climb for Veterans

This is not a cadet activity but a wonderful idea and a very worth cause.

Would you summit Canada’s highest mountain to provide aid for our military veterans?

We are not asking you to actually climb Mount Logan, simply using its height of 5,959 metres above sea level as our goal. We count your uphill and downhill journeys over a 5.9 km route. Please support Canada’s veterans by collecting pledges and participating in this event.

Summer Training Pre-Departure Briefing

This year’s Summer Training Parent/Cadet Pre-Departure Briefing/Info Session will be held on: 19 June 2019 at Guelph Armoury.

This briefing is meant for confirmed cadets that will be attending camp this summer (only for selected cadets & their parents). All cadets that will be attending summer training this summer are required to attend. As we will be having two sessions, please see the below timings for further information on which session you must attend.

Timings are scheduled as follows:

1830-1900 (second year at camp cadets)

1900-2030 (Cadets attending camp for first time)

Dominos Gift Cards

Do you like to eat pizza? Do you like to support your Squadron? Here is a great way to encourage your squadron at no extra cost to you!

The Sponsoring Committee is selling Domino’s gift certificates for a large pizza that Domino’s has generously donated to the Squadron. Purchase a gift certificate for a large pizza for $10 and you are supporting the Squadron directly!

You get to redeem your certificate at Domino’s and the Squadron will be collecting the $10 and using it as a fundraiser going towards the Normandy trip this spring. You are essentially paying the Squadron for your pizza vs paying Domino’s directly.

We have a limited quantity of gift certificates, therefore ensure to purchase yours soon! The Sponsoring Committee will be selling tickets at the end of parade nights starting Tuesday February 5th until they are all sold. 

121 Red Arrows Squadron Cadet Code of Conduct

Cadets and Parents,

Please download and read the Cadet Code of Conduct. This is the same Code of Conduct signed by cadets earlier this year. This post serves only as a reminder to our current cadets and as information for parents and family members of the Code by which the Canadian Cadet Organisation operates.

Cadets and Parents – Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to talk with any of our staff.

121 Red Arrows Cadet Code of Conduct 2017