Throughout the training year the squadron runs several mandatory training days where cadet attendance is required. It is inevitable that some cadets will miss at least one of these days as a result of family or employment obligations. It is the absent cadet’s responsibility to make up whichever training has been missed.

Cadets are to download the training documents as well as the accompanying worksheets and submit the worksheet to their Level Officer.


Leadership Day

Training Documents                                             Worksheets

Level-1-Leadership POs                                                                Level 1 Leadership Day Makeup Questions

Level-2-Leadership POs                                                                Level 2 Leadership Day Makeup Questions

Level-3-Leadership POs                                                                Level 3 Leadership Day Makeup Questions

level-4-Leadership POs                                                                 Level 4 Leadership Day Makeup Questions

Aerospace Day

Training Documents                                             Worksheets

Level -1-Aerospace POs                                                                 Level-1-Aerospace-Day-Makeup-Questions

Level -2-Aerospace POs                                                                Level-2-Aerospace-Day-Makeup-Questions

Level -3-Aerospace POs                                                                Level-3-Aerospace-Day-Makeup-Questions

Level-4-Aerospace POs                                                                 Level-4-Aerospace-Day-Makeup-Questions

Air Skills Day

Training Documents                                             Worksheets

Level-1-Air Skills POs                                                                    Level-1-Air Skills

Level-2-Air Skills POs                                                                   Level-2-Air Skills

Level-3-Air Skills POs                                                                    See the Level 3 Officer or Trg O for the Handout

Level-4-Air Skills POs                                                                    See the Level 4 Officer or Trg O for the Handout

WestJet & Pearson Tower Visit

Training Documents                                             Worksheets

Level-3-WestJet/Peason  POs                                                    Level-3-WestJet and Person -Makeup-Questions

Level-4-WestJet/Pearson POs                                                   Level-4-WestJet and Person -Makeup-Questions

Warplane Heritage & Hamilton Tower Visit

Training Documents                                             Worksheets

Level 1 Warplane Heritage Museum POs                                 Level-1-Warplane Heritage Tour-Questions

Level 2 Warplane Heritage Museum POs                               Level-2-Warplane Heritage Tour-Questions