Cadet365 will help Cadets and Staff work and collaborate with colleagues remotely, including chat and video conferencing.

In order to get set up with Cadet365, each cadet will need their own email address. Cadets cannot use their parents’ email address but will need to create one of their own. Most of our cadets provided this address to the Administration Officer last year but many of you have yet to do so. Lt Honey will be calling your home to ensure that you set this up.

For those who were with us last year, this is very similar to our existing accounts and will replace your existing login as we migrate from our old accounts to this new CADET 365 environment.

Cadet365 is Microsoft Office 365 deployed for CJCR. It is a cloud-based suite of business tools such as, Word, Excel, OneNote, MS Teams and many others. This solution is being deployed to facilitate work from personal devices, improve collaboration for CCO members, and provide an alternate training delivery system.

Microsoft (MS) Teams is a component of Microsoft 365. It is a collaborative toolset to help you and your colleagues communicate. It provides an easy-to-access bridge between those working in a full-time office setting and those working at home or from other remote locations such as Corps/Sqn personnel. You can use Microsoft Teams to hold web conferences (audio, video and chat), to share information and resources.

adet365 will be used for CTC(Virtual) for the delivery of virtual training. Following that, Cadet365 will be used by all Corps/Sqn for their own virtual engagement requirements (with Microsoft Teams) and also to collaborate and share resources and information among staff, cadets, and parents.

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