With the 2020-21, 50/50 raffle supporting Air Cadets. We are excited to announce the 2021 province-wide 50/50 raffle. Here are the details: The 50/50 draws will be held monthly from January – June.

The draws will be held at 15:00 EST on the last Thursday of each month. Note: The January draw opens December 14th, but will not be drawn until January 28th.Each draw will have a minimum take-home prize of $1,000. The pot will increase after $2,000 worth of tickets are sold. The winning ticket will be promoted on the

When promoting the draw, 121 can get credit by:-During the checkout process, there is a dropdown list containing all squadron numbers and cities.-Each squadron also has a unique URL that can be shared digitally. If the purchaser’s entry point for purchasing a ticket is through the unique URL, our squadron will receive recognition for the sale.

Tickets are:10 for $1040 for $20or 100 for $40Thank you for your continued support!