26-28 Apr- Wingham Sports Comp (Sports Team Only)

27 Apr- Waterloo Warbirds Tour

4 May- Drill Team Practice

11 May- SWOA Band & Drill Team Competition

14 May – Individual and Squadron Group Photo

17-19 May- Spring Field Training Exercise

25 May- Spring Gliding

9 Jun- 77th Annual Cadet Review

11 Jun- Annual Parent/Cadet Awards Banquet

12 Jun- Summer Training Information Night – Accepted Cadets/Parents  Only

16 Jun – Climb for Veterans

Spring FTX 17-19 May 2019

Fall Field Training Exercise (FTX) – 17-19 May 2019 

** This is a Mandatory Training Activity.  Cadets Levels 1-2 must have either attended either this, or the Fall FTX.  Cadets Levels 3-5 must attend both. **

Dates:  Friday May 17 – Sunday May 19

Location: Blue Springs Scout Camp near Acton, ON

Coordinating Details:
Meet at the Armoury at 5:30pm.  Ensure you pack your full kit and health card, staff will be checking for your health card and your kit for sufficient warm attire.
Transportation is by school bus to Blue Springs and return.
All meals will be provided.  Please note any dietary restrictions on your permission form.
Departure from Blue Springs will be at 15:00hrs, with arrival back at the Armoury for 15:30hrs.
This activity is non-weather dependent and short of major storm activity, will take place rain or shine, hot or cold… please ensure you pack appropriately, as we will be spending the majority of time outdoors.
A full kit list is provided with the activity information sheet and permission form.
As this is an overnight activity, permission forms are required for each cadet participating.  
Permission forms are due back Tues May 14, 2019.

Permission Form and Kit List

Click Here to Register for this Activity

22-23 June 2019 ~ 121 SQUADRON YEAR END TRIP

121 Red Arrows Royal Canadian Air Cadets will be taking an end of year trip to the Midland area this June to celebrate their amazing year of accomplishments. We will be visiting the following:

We are limiting the trip to one full coach bus of approximately 50 cadets plus staff. The approximate cost of $160.00 per cadet. This price includes admission to all attractions, meals and overnight accommodations.


Spring Gliding

Saturday 25 May 2019

This opportunity is open for all cadets to attend, to a maximum of 40 cadets. Priority will be given to new recruits and to those who have never gone gliding before. Sign up here for Gliding. We still have 4 spots available!

Event Poster 25 May Gliding(Click this link to download the event poster)

Be at the Armoury for 0720 hours, do not plan to drop off your cadet earlier as staff will not be present. Do NOT drop off your cadet without staff present, the bus driver is also not a supervisor. Departure from the Guelph Armoury will be for 0730hours, arriving at Wingham William Le Van airport at approximately 0900hrs. Parents, once the bus has departed, ensure you remain local as weather can change throughout the day and cancel gliding. We will always cancel if safety is in question.

Watch the Facebook page on the morning of the 25th for weather information. If we have inclement weather predicted, cancellation will be posted at the earliest opportunity.

Cadets are required to have their physical health card in order to board the bus, and must keep it with them at all times. Health Card photocopies will not be acceptable.

Dress appropriately in layers for the weather – this is a civilian dress event. Airports are normally located in windy areas, and even in summer weather there will be a wind chill on the airfield.

On arrival at Wingham, cadets will be weighed in order to establish the accurate weight/balance with the aircraft, passenger and pilot aboard.

Pizza Lunch will be provided (we can accommodate vegetarian pizza, and gluten free) – if you have other dietary restrictions, or your cadet doesn’t like Pizza you are required to bring lunch you can eat.

Cadets will be required to act as ground crew under the direction of staff cadets at the airfield – they will learn and practice ground handling of glider aircraft. Wear comfortable footwear, you will be on your feet while at the airfield.



We do not have access to William C Winegard Public School on three of the four Thursdays in April. As a result, we will be holding our practices at a different location.

Given the lack of space in the City of Guelph on Thursday nights to both train and parade we will be taking advantage of the generous offer made to us by Waterloo Textiles (215 Queen St W, Cambridge, ON N3C 1G6) and will be using their buildings.

If you are unable to make it to practice due to the new location, please email Captain Miller at captain.craig.miller@live.com.
Please be sure to follow this schedule:

Thursday 25 April 2019 – Waterloo Textiles


Parents and cadets please visit: https://121redarrows.ca/cadet/resources/dress-standards/ for a comprehensive list of the requirements for an outstanding uniform.

The squadron Standards Officer is seeking continual improvement in the dress standard, and a new tracking system has been implemented to monitor individual cadets.  This next week the inspection will again rate boots on a scale of 1 to 5, as well as hair and appearance.  To score a 3 on boots, a minimum of a high shine on the toe is required.  To attain such a shine, an experienced cadet requires about an hour each boot, or two hours.  A good movie can result in a good shine.  “Kiwi” polish with clean warm water and a soft rag is recommended.  See YouTube for numerous videos on how Air Cadets polish boots.

For hair, parents please ensure the following standards are maintained:

Hair Male Cadets.

The following additional details apply to male cadets:

Hair must be taper trimmed at the back, sides, and above the ears to blend with the hairstyle; be no more than 15 cm (6 in.) in length and sufficiently short that, when the hair is groomed and wedge is removed, no hair shall touch the ears or fall below the top of the eyebrows; be no more than 4 cm (1-1/2 in.) in bulk at the top of the head, gradually decreasing to blend with the taper trimmed sides and back; and be kept free from the neck to a distance of 2.5 cm (1 in.) above the shirt collar. Taper trimmed square back styles and shaving of all the hair on the head are permitted;

Hair – Female Cadets.

The following additional details apply to female cadets:

Hair shall not extend below the lower edge of the shirt collar (see exception below). Exaggerated styles, including those with excessive fullness or extreme height, are not authorized. Braids, if worn, shall be styled conservatively and tied tightly; secured at the end by a knot or a small-unadorned fastener. A single braid shall be worn in the centre of the back. Double braids shall be worn behind the shoulders. Hair shall be a maximum length when gathered behind the head and braided which does not extend below the top of the armpit. Multiple braids and/or cornrows shall be directed toward the back of the head, pulled tight to the head and secured at the end by a knot or a small-unadorned fastener. Multiple braids extending below the lower edge of the collar are to be gathered in a bun. With the permission of the sqn CO, a reasonable period may be authorized in order to transition from short to long hairstyles during which time hair may extend below the lower edge of the shirt collar.

Dominos Gift Cards

Do you like to eat pizza? Do you like to support your Squadron? Here is a great way to encourage your squadron at no extra cost to you!

The Sponsoring Committee is selling Domino’s gift certificates for a large pizza that Domino’s has generously donated to the Squadron. Purchase a gift certificate for a large pizza for $10 and you are supporting the Squadron directly!

You get to redeem your certificate at Domino’s and the Squadron will be collecting the $10 and using it as a fundraiser going towards the Normandy trip this spring. You are essentially paying the Squadron for your pizza vs paying Domino’s directly.

We have a limited quantity of gift certificates, therefore ensure to purchase yours soon! The Sponsoring Committee will be selling tickets at the end of parade nights starting Tuesday February 5th until they are all sold. 

27 Apr -Waterloo Warbirds Tour

What: This amazing opportunity just came up for 121 Air to see an up close display at Waterloo which is not available to the public. Only the first 25 Cadets can go see these Cold War-Era warbirds. OPI Major Steve Harwood

See https://waterloowarbirds.com/

Region of Waterloo International Airport: Hangar 51
4B-4881 Fountain St. N.
Breslau, Ontario

When: 1030-1230hrs 27 Apr 19

How: You must arrange your own transport to and from. There is no cost to this event.

Dress of the Day: Tunics w/ribbons.

But to go, you must sign up. Sports Team not permitted as they are in Wingham that weekend. Sign-up here: