September 06 – Welcome Back BBQ and Registration Night


Cadets, parents, friends and prospective cadets Tuesday 06 September will be our welcome back BBQ and Registration night.

Apart from the normal registration and information verification process there will be a Q&A session for parents, families and friends of both existing and prospective cadets.

Cadets are not required to be uniform for this first night back as the event is intended to be a relaxed affair.

121 Squadron Welcome BBQ and Registration
Tuesday, 6 September, 18:30 to 21:30 hours, Guelph Armoury, 7 Wyndham St.
Free Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and drinks
All New and Returning cadets are required to register for the 2016 – 2017 training year.
Registration Fee:   $90.00 per cadet** due at time of registration.
**Fee includes 1 book of Air Cadet League, OPC, (12 tickets @ $5.00 ea).
      Cadet/Parent retains the proceeds from the sale of these Lottery tickets.
      An additional $5.00 will be paid to back to each Cadet/Parent when the book of sold ticket stubs is handed back in to the Sponsor Committee.
      Once these two steps are completed the NET cost of registration for the 2016/2017 Training Year is only $25.00 per cadet!
We look forward to seeing you Tuesday evening!

Action Required: Updated Contact Info

In order to receive important communications, like summer training selections, all cadets must have a valid email address that is checked regularly.  If you have not provided an email address, please go to the Contact form and provide you first and last name and email address where you can be reached so that your contact information can be updated.

These updates must occur by January 29, 2016.

Registration Information Required


The first document is an open registration letter is for parents to understand what the fee portion required covers.  The important part is that if cadets choose to sell their book of tickets, their participation for the full year will cost them only $25.00 as they recoup the costs ($50) from the tickets.

registration 2015

The second document is the registration form needed by the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) for their records. The phone and email contact will help with information flow from SSC to parents.