Summer Training Update

The following dates are posted for GT and Basic courses (discounting travel days):

General Trng – 429001e – 20-08-03 to 08-07

Basic Fitness – 349202b – 20-07-27 to 08-14

Basic Aviation – 428502b – 20-07-27 to 08-14

Basic Av & Tec – 428602b – 20-07-27 to 08-14

Basic Surv – 348702b – 20-07-27 to 08-14

Basic Music – 349112b – 20-07-27 to 08-14

There may be more serials available for these Regional Courses as time elapses.

Parents and cadets must be flexible should a course be offered that does not fall in the above notes times.

Other serials for GT will have their dates posted should they become available.

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