Slack: our communication work space

This year we are trying a new communication tool. Slack is a private work space that only those invited are able to access. Every cadet with an email address should be added to the work space and sorted into appropriate channels so they are aware of what is going on within the squadron. When a cadet doesn’t have an email address, a parent may be included.

For a short video on how to use Slack, click this link:

When you receive your invitation to join Slack, accept it and get to know our work space. Amend your profile by clicking on your name, then click on the ‘edit profile’ box; an ‘edit your profile’ window will open. In this window you can amend your name and upload a photo. Make your ‘display name’ your rank and surname (with an initial if necessary for clarity between siblings, common surnames, etc.). Parents can enter their cadet’s name, or a title (e.g. Mrs. Ms. Mr.) and surname.

Have a look at the channels. Everyone has immediate access to the ‘general’, ‘how-to-use’, and ‘random’ channels. In the ‘general’ channel you will find the most posts about upcoming events, announcements, etc. Messages will be deleted when they are no longer relevant. In the ‘how-to-use’ channel you will find some instructions about using Slack. In the ‘random’ channel you will find interesting bits of cadet-related info.

Cadets, you will find yourself added to channels, like flight and level, and any clubs or programs you join. On these channels you will receive important messages about parade nights and weekly activities. Be certain to check these frequently. If something new has been added since you were last on Slack, the channel will be in bold font.

Lastly, this work space is not for private messaging or anything not cadet related. The channels and messages will be monitored by adult staff. Abuse of this work space will result in administrative sanctions and perhaps expulsion from the cadet program.

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