We are returning to training for the 2021 year, remaining in a virtual environment until the end of January.  The Training Schedule has been posted on MS Teams, General.

The first night back will be on January 5th, which will be a fun Games Night.  There will be prizes!

On January 12th we will have our monthly CO’s Parade.  Please have your new rank badges sewn on properly.  For parents and cadets, the following YouTube link is for a great instructional video on sewing these rank badges on:

Cadets:  Please note that your required dress uniform is posted on the MS Teams General channel, at the bottom of each night under the Training Schedule.  There you will find a dress code.  Refer to the Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Dress Instructions (on this website and others) to determine what these numbers mean.  Some are tricky…

Lt Honey is the Duty Officer for the month.

  Please follow your chain of command.


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