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Marksmanship and Biathlon Teams

Biathalon and Marksmanship Teams will commence training this Friday, September 13th.  Practice is between 1830 hrs and 2115 hrs.

Interested cadets of all levels are encouraged to attend.  Dress is appropriate civilian attire with a sweater or a light jacket, for comfort.  Additional assistance will be given to those cadets requiring air rifle safe handling training.  
Prior membership on either team does not guarantee a team spot; trying out is required. 
This year the possibility of creating two marksmanship teams is being explored, with a primary and secondary team of 5 cadets each.  As such, tryouts for the marksmanship team(s) will extend to the 20th as well (cadets will be assessed on their performance over the two nights).
Specific rifles will not be assigned.  Scoring will be based on tight groupings (precision) instead of hitting the centre (accuracy).