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COVID-19 – Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the ongoing challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created this list of Frequently Asked Questions for the benefit of cadets and their families. This list only applies to members of 121 Red Arrows Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, and should not be considered an official source of information from Cadets Canada, the Department of National Defence, or the Government of Canada.

We will continue to update this page as more information is distributed, so please check back frequently.

If you have questions that have not been answered here, please send your questions to

This page was last updated on 27 April 2020.

Why has cadets been cancelled?

Out of an abundance of caution, the National Commander Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers, Brigadier General Cochrane, has cancelled all in-person cadet activities in order to ensure the safety and well-being of all cadets and staff, as well as to assist with the overall goal of public health officials to limit and ultimately stop the spread of COVID-19.

When will cadets resume training?

Currently, all in-person cadet activities have been suspended through 31 August 2020, meaning that the 2020-21 training year will resume in September as scheduled. Any changes to this date will be communicated as quickly as possible.

What will the future of the cadet program look like?

National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group (Nat CJCR Sp Gp) has formed an Operational Planning Group (OPG), to handle the response to the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The OPG’s top priorities are to continue engagement with cadets, to explore and develop summer employment opportunities, and then prepare for the return to regular training.

As the OPG release updates, we will communicate those to you through all available means. 

What will happen with summer training for 2020?

Along with all in-person training, 2020 summer training has been cancelled. Instead, local cadet corps and squadrons, including 121 Red Arrows Squadron, will be continuing engagement throughout the summer months with their cadets.

What if I was already selected for Summer Training? Will I be given priority next year?

In order to limit the overall impact of the cancellations caused by COVID-19 on future training years, no priority will be given at the national or regional levels for summer training selection in 2021. However, local priority remains at the sole discretion of the Commanding Officer, and those cadets who have lost a summer training opportunity this year may still be eligible for top priority in 2021, based on individual performance.

I have already been offered and accepted a Staff Cadet position for the summer. Will these still be honoured? 

The OPG established by Nat CJCR Sp Gp is developing opportunities for summer employment for staff cadets.  These opportunities may include assisting in the development of future training, promotional materials, and the ability to assist with shaping the future of the cadet program. 

Currently, we expect details on modified summer staff employment opportunities to be released by 15 May 2020.

Can I still apply to work as a Staff Cadet?

Any cadets who would be eligible for a summer staff position are encouraged to submit their names to , along with any particular skills they believe could be useful, and we will be in contact once further details are released.

How will my local training results be impacted? Will I still be promoted?

Nat CJCR Sp Gp has directed that all local training results will be marked as complete, and no cadets will be penalized for missing the remainder of the training year. Barring any incomplete training results which may preclude advancement that existed prior to the stand-down, all cadets will successfully complete their level. Likewise, all cadets will be marked as Present for any mandatory training that was scheduled to take place after the stand-down was ordered.

Subsequently, any cadets who are eligible will be promoted as normal. Those cadets who would be participating in a Merit Review Board for promotion to the rank of Warrant Officer 2nd Class or Warrant Officer 1st Class will be invited to participate in a virtual MRB.

Will 121 Red Arrows be running any training for the remainder of the 2019-2020 training year?

Based on direction provided by Nat CJCR Sp Gp, no mandatory or “official” training will be running for the remainder of this training year.  However, the staff of 121 are developing optional online activities, which will allow cadets to continue to benefit from what the program has to offer, while also providing cadets the opportunity to interact with their peers.

In the meantime, cadets, parents, and stakeholders should continue to monitor our website, along with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Will we still hold our Annual Ceremonial Review?

Due to restrictions on in-person activities, we will not be holding a traditional Annual Ceremonial Review to mark the end of the 2019-2020 training year. Instead, the staff are working hard to develop a format that will involve as many members of 121 as possible.  Following our return after the stand-down is complete, we will hold a special CO’s parade to recognize those cadets who will receive award for their performance this training year. 

This is my last year as a cadet, will I be able to attend the aforementioned CO’s parade in the fall?

All cadets retiring this year will be recognized in our modified ACR. As always, retiring cadets will receive a gift, and will be invited to attend a parade to recognize their contribution to the program.

When will I receive my uniform?

All orders for uniforms and uniform parts were submitted prior to the stand-down direction in March.  There have been some delays in order processing, shipping, and delivery due to COVID-19. This means that your uniform is either already at the squadron office, or on its way. In either case, issue of uniforms will be delayed until we are authorized to resume in-person activities.

We were told this is Major Harwood’s last year as Commanding Officer, has that changed?

Effective 19 May 2020, Captain Miller will assume the position of Commanding Officer of 121 Red Arrows Squadron as Major Harwood will have celebrated his 65th birthday and will have reached the Canadian Forces mandatory retirement age.

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