Recently we have had some concerns raised both from the leadership at the 11th Field Regiment, as well as our own Officers in relation to the safety and security of cadets. These concerns will be explained below along with subsequent changes, which will be implemented immediately, hopefully correcting these issues.

Issue #1- Building access

The 11th Field Regiment is more than gracious in allowing us to use parts of their building. There has been documented times where cadet parents, and non-cadet civilians let in by a propped open door, were found in areas of the building they should not have been. Being a Federal Military establishment the armoury is a restricted access property. We do not have permission to wonder throughout the building and persons caught doing so maybe subject to search and detainment as per Federal law.

Effectively immediately, all access to and from the armoury will be through the front door (faces Wyndham). This streamlines access as it is a straight line to the drill hall and stairwells. An Duty Officer will be present, from 1815-2200 hrs, or for the duration of the event, at the front door to control access to the building.

Attendance is taken each night of all cadets, officers and civilian staff so that in the event of an emergency a head count can be done once the squadron has exited the structure. For this same reason, along with the need to maintain building security, a visitors’ log may be added to the front door control officers desk. If this occurs all visitors will be required to sign in and sign out of the building.

Do not stop on Wyndham Street in front of the armoury to drop off your cadet. This is extremely dangerous and illegal.

Issue #2- Parking

The armoury is the place of business for the 11th Field Regiment and does not include any public parking places. Parking along the cement wall is reserved for 11th Field staff and the main parking lot for Officers and civilian volunteers. Effective immediately there is no parking for parents in the main parking lot. Those in violation will be asked to move and/ or face fines. The only exception to this is persons requiring the use of the disabled parking spots. Anyone with a valid permit may continue to use these spots.

As a compromise, 11th Field has granted us access to the locked compound to use for parking during our events. The compound will be opened from 1815 to 2200 for parental parking but the gates will be closed and locked at 2200. If you anticipate not returning to your vehicle before 2200 you may use the municipal parking area between Surrey St E and Fountain St E. Please do not park in areas used by local business such as the fast food restaurants between Wellington and Surrey. Also note there is no parking on Farquhar or Wellington Streets.

Issue # 3- Parking lot safety

            Issue #3A- Drop off

With over 100 cars coming and going each night safety is a huge concern. Recently there have been numerous close calls in the parking lot attributed to parents performing illegal maneuvers, parking in restricted areas, turning into traffic, passing vehicles etc.

Effective immediately parents parking in marked fire routes will be ticketed with zero tolerance. This includes during all cadet activities and locations such as drill and band at William C. Winegard Public School.

As shown in the picture below, the route through the parking lot will be maintained for one way vehicle traffic. This means a single file loop with a marked drop off point where cadets may exit the vehicles. Cadets with excessive equipment, such as having to obtain instruments from car trunks, are encouraged to park in the compound so as to not slow down the flow of traffic. The drop off area will be staffed by adult volunteers to ensure flow is maintained and cadets access building safely. We ask this drop off line be kept as single file to ensure there is an open lane for emergency vehicles to access the building if so needed.

This drop off line is a courtesy. If cars continue to park in fire routes, reserved parking spaces, texting/driving around cadets or if Officers feel cadet safety cannot be maintained, the parking lot will be blocked off with the only parent access being the compound area.

Issue #3B- Pick up

Parents are asked to park in the compound area and wait in their vehicles when they pick up their cadets at the end of the evening. This is a change for many who come in to the armoury to hear announcements. Please ensure your cadet has a small notepad and a pen/pencil or cell phone so they can take notes. (Suggestion – synchronize your phone calendars so when they enter announcements they go to your phone also!)

No vehicle traffic is permitted in the main parking lot from 2045- 2200 to ensure the safety of our cadets.

In the event that the gate tot he compound is locked and no parking is available, parents are asked to use the municipal parking area between Surrey St E and Fountain St E. Please do not park in areas used by local businesses such as fast food restaurants between Wellington and Surrey. You are free to leave your vehicles there and walk up to the armoury if you wish to escort your child back to your vehicle.

Please note that all announcements are posted on the squadron website and officers can be reached via email throughout the week. All cadets are expected to be using Slack to communicate with their chain of command. They are also expected to check the website for information on a regular basis.


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