121 Biathlon Team: 2020-2021

It is our intent for 121 to be commencing Biathlon training shortly pending any further COVID-19 in person training restrictions. The intention this year is for 121 to have a Summer Biathlon team versus a winter team, consisting of 12 cadets in Level 2 and above. Our training will consist of outdoor running combined with outdoor shooting hosted at the Guelph Rod & Gun Club. At this time, all in-person training is suspended and all interested biathletes will receive a exercise plan to commence on their own.

Should you be interested in joining the Biathlon Team this year, please sign up in advance at the following link:

Biathlon Team Sign- Up

When we get authorization to resume in-person cadet activities the following must be adhered to: You will not be permitted to attend any Biathlon practices unless you have signed up in advance, and have completed the mandatory COVID training, the weekly OP Outreach survey, and are not exhibiting/live with anyone who has any signs/symptoms of COVID-19. All cadets that have signed up will be contacted prior to the practice to confirm attendance. Cadets upon arrival to Guelph Rod & Gun Club will be screened on site prior to being admitted for practice. All cadets must dress for the weather, ensuring they are wearing appropriate outdoor physical activity attire, and are wearing non-medical masks.

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